Candle Scents and Exercise Styles

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You may already have your exercise regimen chiseled in stone—one that you are committed to enough to tend to it every single day. If you’re like me, though, there’s more to exercise than the process of going through the motions. I’m not the type of person who’s going to go to the gym every day, and one of the reasons is that I have issues committing my time to *just* exercise at any given moment. I like listening to music or watching TV if I push through a fitness pursuit—and I like candles!

For items that are relatively small and come in reasonably priced packages, candles can add character to a fitness pursuit by not only providing a soothing light, but also creating a scent that complements the exercise style. Don’t believe me? Keep reading for candle scents you can use to boost your exercise experience in specific fitness styles!

NOTE: While candles are great, certain types can actually cause damage to your body—particularly your lungs. Do your research before buying your candles!

Yoga – Rain. They say that the sound of rain on a tin roof is one of the most relaxing sounds available. While I disagree with that idea, I do agree that the sound of rain falling in general—minus the rapping against the tin—is a wonderfully calming sound. In fact, one of my favorite weather hobbies is watching rain through a window as it steadily hits the ground. That almost hypnotic action is why rain is a perfect scent to fill the room while you’re going through the calming motions of a yoga routine. With the calm that can come from yoga, the scent of soothing rain can create an environment perfect for relaxing your mind while you care for your body.

Zumba – Cucumber Melon. There’s something fun and quirky about using Zumba as a means to reach your fitness goals. It’s a group exercise that’s grounded in fun as much as fitness, so you can smile and laugh while you joke with your friends and push toward fitness. For this reason, if you’re going to tackle Zumba in a way where you can choose your own candle scent—maybe your own studio or in your home—you should try a scent that’s playful and energetic—like cucumber melon. The cucumber element can create a soothing quality while the melon brings in the fun for a great combination to push through your Zumba regimen.

Kickboxing – Peppermint. Kickboxing is about strength, endurance, and impact, so it calls for a strong scent. Peppermint is a great example of one of those strong scents that can be like its own punch while you kick your way to fitness. It’s also a refreshing smell that brings ideas of icy hotness to mind, like a mixture of soothing coolness and hardcore determination. The overall result is a scent that pushes you and encourages you in one motion—the hotness pushing you along with the coolness giving you a soothing aspect. It might seem like an odd choice, but trust me! It somehow works!

General Cardio – Orange Creamsicle. There’s something old-fashioned about chasing your fitness dreams with general cardio ideas of jumping jacks, squats, and mountain climbers. You can tend to these exercise moves with little to no money spent and your favorite television show playing as you go. For this basic approach, one of the most fitting choices you can make in regard to candle scent is to choose something that is basic as well—something like an old faithful concept that is as go-to as general cardio for fitness. Remember, though, that you’re striving for a new you, so it also pays to mingle a bit of character into your candle scent. For this combination, try an orange creamsicle scent to fill your room! It’s a scent that’s tried and true from childhood, like the basicness of the workout, but with a bit of character to add to the mix. It’s fun and reliable, making it a wonderful candle choice.

Running – Ocean Breeze. If you’re going to pursue your fitness goals with running, why not choose a candle scent that sparks images of beaches and sunsets? To accomplish this while you pound the pseudo-pavement of your treadmill, pick up an ocean breeze candle to fill your workout station with the soothing scent of the beach. This way, you can work to convince yourself that you’re not trapped away in your home, but somewhere on a sandy beach with the wind and sun on your skin, creating a vivid image that could boost your exercise experience—and maybe remind you of what you’re pushing so hard for!

Tai Chi – Earl Grey Tea. Tai chi is, like yoga, a form of exercise that doesn’t just boost your physical fitness, but also soothes and calms the mind. Its smooth and deliberate movements are a great way to elegantly pursue a healthier you. With these elements in mind, choosing a scent that represents something just as calming and health-related is a sensible decision, and few scents can bring that combination to life like an Earl Grey tea scent. While you strive for a fitter you, you can be surrounded with a scent that’s connected to a healthier lifestyle, pushing your fitness mentality along by employing more than one sense. Essentially, if calm and fitness are your goals, you might find this tea scent is your perfect choice.

Weightlifting – Chocolate Mint. Earlier, it was mentioned that a candle for an exercise regimen that is grounded in strength needs to be a strong scent, like mint. Weightlifting is no different since the point is to strengthen your muscles and become a healthier you. It’s also, like the general cardio notion, something that’s tried and true, so it makes sense as well to combine the mint idea with something traditional and basic. When it comes to flavors, few things are as universally related to the far reaches of childhood like chocolate—which also happens to be a strong scent on its own. Because of the far-reaching aspect and the combined strength of both the mint and the chocolate, a candle scent that mingles both is wonderfully suited for time spent at the weight bench or with your dumbbells.

CrossFit – Mixed Berries. CrossFit is a unique brand of fitness, and one of the details of it that makes it so unique is that it combines elements of other exercise styles. You can vary your approach as you strive toward fitness by embracing the CrossFit method by going through the method of WOD, or Workout of the Day. Basically, if you want variety as you push toward a stronger you, CrossFit could be a great choice for you, and few scents embrace the variety of the workout style like a mixed berries scent. A number of scents combine in one, but with the unified similarity of being berries. CrossFit matches this idea since different tactics are combined in one purpose of fitness, so the two go together like peanut butter and jelly—or blackberries and blueberries.

Resistance Bands – Gingerbread. There are ways to boost a basic cardio routine that can push your fitness endeavors to a new level, and resistance bands are a great way to do that. By adding in that resistance, you’re forcing yourself to work harder to perform the same functions, and challenging yourself in that manner can result in a stronger you. Remember, though, that the resistance band is a small addition to an already reasonable workout method, so it’s fitting to decide on a scent that takes a staple scent and pushes it just a little farther. This is where the gingerbread scent comes into play. Rather than a simple cookie dough or sugar cookie scent, this gingerbread selection adds a flair to the environment that’s close enough to the standard approach—a cookie—while bringing something new to the table. It’s a great scent to pair with a routine that’s almost basic, but with a little twist to give it more variation.

Trampoline – Honeysuckle. Let’s say you want to bring a little youthfulness into your workout routine, so you choose a small, indoor trampoline for your tool of fitness. If you’re going to go with something this whimsical, why not choose a scent that brings a bit of whimsy and childishness to the equation to match? A great scent for this purpose is a honeysuckle that stretches across so many aspects of childhood—from outdoor play near the plant to a bowl of honey-based cereal for your breakfast. To boost the atmosphere during a childhood-related tactic for fitness, few other scents could stand up to the challenge in such a fitting way. You’re jumping like a child while surrounded by a childhood scent, and the result is a striving for fitness in a balanced, jubilant way.

In the end, really think about what your exercise regimen is, and think of adjectives that you could use to describe it. Is it energetic? Soothing? Spicy? Whatever adjectives best fit, think of what scents embrace those qualities. Once you have them, run with them for a great exercise atmosphere!